SDS provides technology developed for enterprises now available for home-use.



Let us blanket your home in Wi-Fi!

Whether your Internet connectivity comes from Consolidated, Frontier, Mediacom or any of the others, the maintenance of your home wi-Fi network is your responsibility. Let us take the guesswork out of the process with SDS EZ-WiFi.

When you get EZ-WiFi in your home, you get an enterprise-inspired mesh network. What is a mesh network, you ask? That’s a WiFi network that uses multiple radios to create one large network which automatically performs a hand-off of your devices as they move out of range of the first radio, and into the range of a second. This is the technology used in large campuses like colleges and hospitals, allowing the users to connect to a single WiFi network and move about freely without the need to manage their phone’s connection to a particular WiFi network.

Having mesh technology available in your home has three distinct advantages to the “stock” wireless routers provided by your ISPs: 1.) You get better coverage, i.e., the elimination of your traditional “dead spots.” With more access points (these are the radios doing the work of providing wireless access) comes more coverage. 2.) It’s expandable. If you want to extend your network to a garage or pool house, adding more access points is simple. Procure another access point, and join it to the mesh through the smartphone app that controls the network. 3.) The access points are aesthetically pleasing!

In addition to superior AC wireless hardware performance and range, the level and ease of control of the home network is the best it’s ever been. For instance, the home administrator (you) has the ability to group all of the “kids’” devices together in the smartphone control app. At bedtime, turn access to the Internet off, with a timer to resume in the morning. All at the push of a button in an easy-to-use app. Busy at work on a summer day and the kids report Internet problems? Reboot the entire network remotely from your phone to troubleshoot.

Prioritize your main Netflix or Hulu device to get the most throughput when the kids are home and web traffic is heavy. Enable the guest network and send the password to your friends right from the app!

SDS EZ-WiFi: The power is yours!

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