Professional Network Security Risk Assessment scanning to help reduce the available attack surface of your organization.

Network Security Risk Assessment

SDS Network Security Risk Assessment

Shine a light on your network.

Ask anyone who runs a business who’s had to speak with the FBI regarding breaches of security due to their IT infrastructure - they’ll tell you: “Utilize penetration testing.” The Internet is like a fast-moving stream of data, which is connected to millions of other businesses, people, robots, refridgerators, etc. When we connect our business to the Internet, we open ourselves up to a cavalcade of advertisers, hackers, bots, foreign governments, and our competitors. Even the most basic of firewalls will close down the majority of your “visible attack surface” of your network, but when it comes to your business, you need more.

With the SDS Network Security Risk Assessment, our senior networking consultants will launch a mock attack on your systems, from outside of the network, as well as inside. What we find could astound you. A well-trained attacker needs only a single vulnerability to gain access to your precious data. Our Risk Assessment will help reduce the available attack surface of your organization.  A full-color, detailed report will await you when we finish, with an executive summary delivered in-person.

Let us show you the holes in your system so the authorities won’t have to.

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